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Podiatry Referrals

Please refer patients using the guidance below.


Patients requiring nail surgery will need to be able to cope with undergoing a local anaesthetic procedure. Patients who may need a general anaesthetic are best referred directly to secondary care. Where nail surgery is required, this will not be carried out at the assessment appointment. A date will be scheduled for nail surgery within two weeks of assessment.



Useful referral information:



How to refer


Referral to Minor Ops Podiatry




1.Using the E-Referral system:

Condition:           eg. Corns and Callus

Speciality:            Podiatry

Clinic Type:

Clinic:                    AQP PODIATRY  – clinic address, MINOR OPS LTD NX2


2.Podiatry booking line:

0191 9178886  (9.00 – 5.00 Mon-Fri)


3. Paper referral:

Minor Ops Podiatry

My Health Clinic

Great North Road

Brunton Park


Newcastle upon Tyne



4. Secure Fax referral:

0191 9179690


5. NHS secure email:



Podiatry Exclusion Criteria (as defined by the CCG Core Podiatry Service Specification)

PATIENTS OUTSIDE CATCHMENT AREA: not registered with a GP practice in Darlington, North Durham and Durham Dales, Easington and Sedgefield Shadow Clinical Commissioning Groups.

PERSONAL FOOT CARE: defined as toenail cutting and skin care including the tasks that healthy adults would normally carry out as part of their everyday personal hygiene.


Peripheral arterial disease, absence of biphasic foot pulses, even on assessment with Doppler ultrasound

at-risk rheumatoid foot as defined by   - current use of              - TNF blockers
                                                                                                - other disease modifying drugs

- history of 5 years of steroid use

- vasculitis, now or in the last 12 months

- history of ulceration and/or skin infection related to inflammatory disease

                        at-risk diabetic foot assessed under NICE clinical guideline 10 as at “increased risk” (neuropathy or absent pulses) or “high risk” (neuropathy or absent pulses plus deformity or skin changes or previous ulcer) or “ulcerated”

EXTENDED SCOPE PODIATRY required – practice including requesting blood tests; scans and interpreting results; injection therapy, and; the use of diagnostic ultrasound.

PODIATRIC SURGERY required, i.e. the surgical treatments of the foot and its associated structures by a podiatric surgeon.

COMPLEX BIOMECHANICS required because of conditions associated with:
                                                                        interdigital neuroma
                                                                        recurrent ankle pain/sprains
                                                                        sinus tarsi syndrome (lateral ankle pain)
                                                                        shin splints/medial tibial stress syndrome
                                                                        tendonitis iliotibial band syndrome
                                                                        patellofemoral dysfunction
                                                                        stress fractures
                                                                        avascular necrosis
                                                                        symptomatic foot deformities


ANNUAL DIABETIC FOOT CHECK required – these are commission from primary care

INAPPROPRIATE REFERRALS patient does not fall within the scope of core podiatry based on Podiatry Objective Clinical Score (POCS):
                        POCS score = 1 No Problems (asymptomatic foot, no nail/skin pathologies)
                        POCS score = 5 Gross Problems (gross functional deformity, gangrenous tissue present, generalised bacterial infection, septicaemia, osteomyelitis, malignancy)








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