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Adult Hearing Care Procedures

Minor Ops Hearingcare provide patients with hearing tests, hearing aids, fittings and a three year aftercare service.



During the assessment we will discuss the patients hearing history, current problems, health and lifestyle. This information will help us to understand possible causes for any hearing problems the patient is experiencing. The audiologist will then examine the patient’s ears and conduct a hearing test. The patient will be presented with a series of sounds and will be asked to press a button whenever they hear the sound. The details of the test will be plotted onto a graph called an audiogram, this will allow us to see a ‘picture’ of their hearing levels. If appropriate, a spoken word test may also be carried out. This helps us to assess how well they can hear speech with and without background noise. If they are able to bring someone with them to the appointment this is of great benefit as it helps to have a familiar voice for this part of the test.

At the end of the assessment we will discuss the results with the patient. If a digital hearing aid will be of benefit to them and they are happy to proceed we will either fit them at the appointment (this depends upon the hearing loss) or we will take impressions of the patient’s ears to make ear moulds.



Fitting may be carried out at the end of the assessment appointment (depending upon the hearing loss) or at a separate fitting appointment (2 – 3 weeks after assessment). At the fitting we will fit digital hearing aids and adjust them to meet the patients hearing loss. A test will be conducted to verify this. We will discuss with the patient how to care and maintain the hearing aid, advise on support available to and show them how to fit and use their new hearing aids.


Follow up

Patients will either receive a telephone call or an appointment 8 – 12 weeks after the fitting of their hearing aid. This is to check they are benefiting from their new hearing aids and are happy with them. We will discuss how they are adapting to their changed hearing and assess to see if any adjustment is required to the physical fit or electronic set-up. 



Patients will be issued with an initial supply of batteries at the time of fitting. Further supplies will be sent by post, we request patients call the Hearing Care helpline on 0191 9178886 (open Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm) or email to request these. We advise patients allow around 3 – 5 working days for delivery.  

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