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Adult Hearing Care FAQs


How do I change my appointment?

Please call the Hearing Care helpline on 0191 9178886 (open Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm) or email , our team will be happy to help you.





What happens at my appointment?

Before your appointment: you will need to make sure your ears are clear of wax.

On the day of your appointment: your ears will be examined, a hearing test conducted, a case history taken and a questionnaire concerning your listening needs will be completed. If a hearing aid is appropriate for you this will be fitted either on the same day (this depends upon your hearing loss) or impressions will be taken of your ear(s) to make ear moulds.

3 – 4 weeks later: (if your hearing aid was not fitted at the first appointment). Your digital hearing aid(s) will be fitted and adjusted to fit your hearing loss. A test will be conducted to verify this. You will be instructed on how to fit, use and care for your new hearing aid(s).

8 – 12 weeks later: you will either receive a telephone call or a clinic appointment. During this call/ appointment we will discuss how you have been getting on with your new hearing aids to ensure you are feeling a benefit. We will also discuss care and maintenance of your new aid(s) and ensure you are aware of the aftercare support available to you. 

You are encouraged to bring someone along with you to all appointments.



Can someone accompany me?

You are actively encouraged to bring someone along with you to all appointments.



What type of hearing aid is available to me on the NHS?

The hearing aids available on the NHS have improved. As standard, all patients are now proved with small digital hearing aids which sit neatly behind the ear.


Where do I get my hearing aid batteries?

Your audiologist will provide you with an initial supply at the time of fitting your hearing aid. Further supplies can be sent to you by post, please call our helpline on 0191 9178886 to order them. We advise you allow 5 - 7 working days for delivery.


How long should my batteries last?

The life of your battery will vary depending upon how often you use your hearing aid, typically you can expect it to last 7 – 10 days. You may hear an intermittent beeping sound to warn you that the battery is about to expire. We advise you carry spare batteries with you and if you are attending an event and are concerned it may run out during the event, be prepared and change the battery beforehand.

Replace your battery if the sound from your hearing aid becomes crackly, faint, disappears, fuzzy or distorted. Ensure you remember to remove the sticky label from the battery before inserting into your hearing aid.


How do I change my hearing aid battery?

To change your battery:


Why is my hearing aid whistling?

You may notice your hearing aid make a ‘squeal’, ‘whistle’ or ‘buzz’ sound. This is known as ‘acoustic feedback’ and is caused when amplified sound leaks out and gets picked up by the microphone in the hearing aid. This can happen if:


What do I do if I am having problems with my hearing aid?

If you are having problems with your hearing aid and it does not seem to be working work through the list below to eliminate any common faults:


Please call our Hearing Care Helpline if you are still experiencing any problems on 0191 9178886 or email us at, our team will be happy to help you.


What happens if I lose my hearing aid?

If you should lose your hearing aid please call our Hearing Care Helpline on 0191 9178886 or email us at

If this is the first time you have lost your hearing aid, you are unable to fund a replacement yourself and in receipt of one of the following benefits you may be entitled to a free like for like replacement hearing aid:


Free like for like replacement hearing aids will be funded by the commissioning CCG.


If you do not meet the specific criteria set out above you will be required to fund the replacement yourself. Like for like replacement aids are charged at £67.00 per aid. Payment is required before the hearing aid is fitted. Payment can be made using a debit or credit card by calling us on 0191 9178887, alternatively a cheque made payable to ‘Minor Ops Limited’ can be either handed to your audiologist at your appointment or posted to our head office prior to appointment:

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