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Eyelid Surgery Referrals

Please refer adults aged 18 years or over, with eyelid, eyelash or lacrimal problems using the guidance below. Referral is usually for a surgical procedure but can also be for assessment of an associated condition (e.g. blepharitis associated with chalazia).


Patients need to be able to cope with undergoing a local anaesthetic procedure. Patients who may need a general anaesthetic are best referred directly to secondary care.


The service is a one-stop service with treatment carried out immediately after assessment. Follow-up appointments are usually unnecessary.



Useful referral information:



How to refer


Referral to Minor Ops Eyelid Surgery




1. Using the E-Referral system:

Speciality:            Ophthalmology

Clinic Type:         Oculoplastics/Orbits/Lacrimal  or  External Eye Disease

Clinic:                    Minor Eyelid Surgery – Ophthalmology – clinic address,                                                                                                                Minor Ops Ltd NX2


2. Eyelid Surgery booking line:

0191 9178886 (9.00 – 5.00 Mon-Fri)


3. Paper referral:

Minor Ops Eyelid Surgery

My Health Clinic

Great North Road

Brunton Park


Newcastle upon Tyne



4. Secure Fax referral:

0191 9179690


5. NHS secure email:





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